Recording music is the art and science of capturing a live performance. The quality of any music recording always depends on environment, equipment and recording techniques. A professional recording engineer knows how to manipulate these three factors in order to perfectly capture a music performance. An optimal music recording gives you the greatest sound quality and range of possibilities during the production, mixing and mastering stages of your music creation.

Music Recording: The Precursor Difference

Precursor Productions is a full-service multitrack Winnipeg recording studio, capable of recording music in any genre. From vocals to every possible type of instrumentation, we have more than a decade of professional music recording experience. This ensures a pristine recording, every time. Our Winnipeg studio features an ultra high-resolution signal path, fine-tuned to provide crystalline clarity and detail. We carefully assess your needs in order to determine the optimal recording method for each project. You get the best possible recording environment, plus the ultimate in audio fidelity, giving your music that sought-after "industry quality" sound.


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Our professional recording studio and audio post production facility is fully equipped for production, recording, mixing, mastering, Voiceover, ADR/Foley and...

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Precursor Productions is a cutting edge, 21st century Winnipeg Recording Studio and Audio Post Production facility guided by a strong philosophy...


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