Music mastering is the art and science of finalizing a recording so that it is ready for distribution. The purpose of audio mastering is to resolve any remaining issues, enhance the recording and ensure that it will translate equally well to a broad range of music formats and playback systems. Mastering studios and engineers use extremely potent tools and techniques to achieve the best possible sound for your music.

Audio Mastering Services: The Precursor Difference

Precursor Productions offers individual song, EP and album mastering services to the highest industry standards, for musicians of all genres. When mastering your music we will correct any shortcomings that arose from the mixing process and optimize your music so that it will sound its best wherever it is played.

Our audio mastering process will make the following improvements to your music:

• Overall tonal balance that is best suited to your music

• Dynamics processing that is appropriate to your music genre

• Improved stereo imaging, dimension and depth

• Optional analog-layback to our vintage Studer A80 reel-to-reel tape recorder

Musicians, bands, vocalists and singers emerge from this process with a master that is ready for distribution on CD, vinyl or online digital services such as: iTunes, Bandcamp & Soundcloud.


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