Precursor Productions is an industry-leading Winnipeg recording studio and audio post production facility. We record, produce, mix and master audio for Music, Film/TV, Video Games and Online Learning. We've been creating audio to the highest standards for 17 years.

Our professional recording studio is guided by a strong philosophy. Music production software, file sharing and streaming fundamentally disrupted the way that audio had been created and distributed since the dawn of the recording age. Today, everyone has access to inexpensive, professional music creation tools.

We strongly believe that artists creating music in their own home studios produce the best results when supported by a professional studio setting. We embrace music production technology as a tremendous opportunity. Our experienced team of audio engineers and music producers stand ready to fill any gaps in your music productions process. Simply choose from our menu of services to take your project to the next level.


Our professional recording studio and audio post production facility is fully equipped for production, recording, mixing and mastering, Voiceover, ADR/FOLEY and...

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Precursor Productions is a cutting edge, 21st century Winnipeg Recording Studio and Audio Post Production facility guided by a strong philosophy...


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